About IUK

International University of Science & Technology in Kuwait (IUK)

IUK is one of Kuwait's leading institutions of higher learning.IUK offers accredited degree programs and world class professional development opportunities.

IUK offers a student-centered, innovative, center of excellence hub to serve Kuwait’s educational sector, local community and key industrial sectors in the country.  IUK provides  academic degrees, outreach training programs and professional certificate programs to enhance the educational and economic outlook of Kuwait IUK is committed to engaging the community through partnerships with the industrial and business sectors, government agencies and other organizations across the region.



To be the leading university in Kuwait and the region; to promote innovation and academic excellence, and to contribute to the educational and economic development in Kuwait and the region. 


  • Creating a learning experience that increases the knowledge, skills, and professional ethics of a new generation of future graduates.
  • Preparing distinguished, qualified, and specialized graduates in different disciplines through different means of education and training.
  • Helping in elevating society's status economically, socially, and professionally.

IUK's values describe the University's unique characteristics and collective aspiration to achieve its goals and objectives. These values form a solid foundation for everyday decisions. 

IUK’s values are:

    • Mastery and Quality 

    • Excellence and Leadership 

    • Innovation and Creativity 

    • Respect and Commitment

IUK will create a student-centered, innovative, and center of excellence hub to serve Kuwait's educational sector, local community, and the different industrial sectors in the country.  The University will offer different academic programs, outreach training programs, and professional certificate-based programs to enhance the educational and economic environment of the country. IUK is committed to engaging the community through development programs for Kuwaiti citizenships and the different partnerships with the different industrial and business sectors, Kuwait governmental agencies, and other entities in the country and the region.

IUK Highlights