Academic Affairs Division



Academic Affairs Division at IUK aims to provide modern and high quality education in an innovative and intellectually stimulating environment which is conducive for learning and entrepreneurial leadership. The division aspires to link theory with application, enhance 21st century skills and involve students in active learning.



Aligned with the IUK’s mission and vision, the mission of the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs is to provide the faculty, with the intellectual and professional development in order to equip our students with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to succeed in their professional life. The office provides leadership for academic advancement at the teaching, research, and service levels. Continuous improvement, professionalism, innovation, integrity, and transparency are the values the office strives to enhance. 


Our Goals

The Academic Affairs Division strives to achieve the following goals:

  1. Providing leadership for the academic community and programs at IUK to create an innovative and creative learning environment committed to learning and teaching excellence.

  2. Developing a creative learning and teaching environment that promotes innovation and learning excellence and attracts students and faculty.

  3. Adopting the evidence-based assessment of student learning outcomes and utilize scientifically proven teaching methodologies to enhance the student learning experience. 

  4. Promoting student success by committing to professional academic advising, student support services, and curricular enrichment inside and outside the classrooms.

  5. Providing faculty professional development and supporting their innovative scholar work and intellectual engagement.

Colleges @ IUK

The Academic Affairs Division runs the following academic units and colleges:

  1. University Foundation Program

  2. College of Business Administration

  3. College of Engineering

  4. College of Arts

The division also runs:

  1. Office of Research & Development

  2. Office of International Partnerships