College of Business Administration

Entrepreneurship . Ethics . Discipline

Driven by key values listed above, the college offers seven world class degree programs empowering students with knowledge and skills needed for success in local and international markets.


College of Business Administration at IUK aims to provide modern and high quality education in an innovative and intellectually stimulating environment which is conducive for learning and entrepreneurial leadership. The college aspires to link theory with application, enhance 21st century skills and involve students in active learning.



  • Offer modern, advanced and fulfilling programs meeting the requirements of the local and regional labor market, in line with international standards.

  • Provide distinguished programs to serve the Kuwaiti community and develop human capital to support key economic sectors.


Degree Programs


Information Systems

Finance and Fintech

Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Banking and Investment Management

Healthcare Management


General Degree Requirements
The College of Business Administration offers the Bachelor of Business Administration (B. BA.) in the above programs where students are required to meet certain requirements for bachelor's degrees. To earn the B.BA. students must complete 126 credits of courses, where 42 credit hours should be in the major.

The requirements for the Bachelor of Business Administration (B.BA.) degrees are summarized as follows:

University Core Courses (42 credits)

College of Business Administration requirements (42 credits)

Major Requirements (39 credits)

Free electives (3 credits)


University Core Courses (42 Credits)

Students seeking a bachelor’s degree must complete the university core curriculum (General Education) requirements summarized below:


Compulsory Group (24 credits)
Humanities, Arts, and Culture (6 credits)
Social and Behavioral Sciences Area (3 credits)
Quantitative Analysis, Mathematics and Natural Sciences Area (9 credits)


College Requirements (42 Credits)

 The College of Business Administration requires several other requirements in general business concepts, analysis, and computing. The courses of these requirements are common between all the majors of Business Administration and are divided into two groups as follows:

Basic Business Administration (21 credits)

Advanced Business Administration (21 credits)

Major Requirements (39 credits)

To receive a Bachelor of BA in a certain major, students must complete the required and elective courses in that major.

Major compulsory courses: 21 credits
Major elective courses: 12 credits
College and Major advanced elective six credits

Free elective (3 credits)

Students may select any courses offered by the university 

Major Sheets

Major sheets of programs offered by the college can be downloaded here.