College of Engineering

Innovation . Ethics . Discipline

Driven by key values listed above, the college offers five degree programs, incorporating cutting edge coursework and hands-on experience to support various sectors of national and regional economy.


College of Engineering at IUK strives to prepare graduates who may play their due role as productive members of society. The college aims to ensure that its students master the scientific and theoretical principles underlying engineering disciplines. The college also strives to expose its students to the industrial and social structures that regulate applications of engineering principles. 



  • Provide high-quality education to prepare highly qualified engineers, through modern curriculum inline with the requirements of local and regional market. 

  • Provide an educational environment that stimulates creativity and innovation.

  • Expand and develop the horizons of scientific research, technology development and engineering applications to serve the commercial and industrial sectors in Kuwait and the region.


Degree Programs

Industrial Engineering

Bio Medical Engineering

Computer Engineering

Computer Science & Cyber Security

Architecture & Design

Electrical Engineering

Civil and Architectural Engineering

General Degree Requirements

The College of Engineering offers a Bachelor of Science in the above programs where students are required to meet certain requirements for a bachelor's degree. To earn the Bachelor of Science in Engineering, students must complete 144 credits of courses, where 66 credit hours should be in the major.

The requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Engineering are summarized as follows:

University Core Courses (42 Credits)

College of Engineering requirements (36 Credits)

Major Requirements (66 Credits)

University Core Courses (42 Credits)

Students seeking a bachelor’s degree must complete the university core curriculum (General Education) requirements summarized below:

Compulsory Group (24 Credits)
Humanities, Arts, and Culture (6 Credits)
Social and Behavioral Sciences Area (3 Credits)
Quantitative Analysis, Mathematics and Natural Sciences Area (9 Credits)

College Requirements (36 Credits)

The College of Engineering requires several other requirements in general engineering principles, math, science, and computing. The courses of these requirements are common between all the majors of Engineering and are divided into two groups as follows:

Math and Science Group (21 Credits)

General Engineering Principles (15 Credits)

Major Requirements (66 Credits)

To receive a Bachelor of Science degree, students must complete the required Engineering curriculum of required and elective courses in each major.

Major compulsory courses: 54 credits
Major elective courses: 12 credits

Major Sheets

Major sheets of programs offered by the college can be downloaded here