General Degree Requirements

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Undegraduate degree requirements include general requirements coursework, minimum core curriculum courses and higher level courses. It should be noted here that the Foundation Program courses do not count towards degree requirements.

General Degree Requirements


All undergraduate degrees at IUK must meet certain general requirements. Some colleges or departments may have additional requirements. 

Below are the minimum general requirements for an undergraduate degree for all academic programs at IUK:

  1. Students must complete the minimum credits as specified in each program's study plan. A typical study plan consists of: 

    • General University Requirements

    • College Requirements

    • Major / Specialization Requirements 

  2. Below is the minimum number of credits needed to graduate from each college:

    • College of Business Administration: 126 

    • College of Engineering: 144 

    • College of Arts: 120  

  3. The degree is awarded to a student who meets all requirements for the program and obtains a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.0 or above.

  4. At least 45 credits must be completed from Advanced Level coursework. Some majors (such as engineering) require more advanced level credits.

  5. Students must complete the university’s core curriculum requirements.

  6. Students can transfer a maximum of 60 credits from courses taught in other universities, but none of these courses should have a grade lower than C.

  7. In addition to these general requirements, students who are about to graduate must meet all degree requirements specified by respective colleges.