Student Clubs

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Science and Culture Club
The scientific, cultural and entertainment club brings together  students of IUK to spread scientific awareness and general culture among the students.


Sports Club
The sports club arranges a wide range of activities such as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and padel to name a few. The club also represents IUK at local and regional levels.


Arts Club
The club offers a multitude of activities and workshops that enhance the skills of the students and allows them to explore their own artistic interests. It strengthens the sense of community between the students by arranging various art exhibitions.


Debates Club
The IUK debate club seeks to develop and promote the skills of the students interested in debating and public speaking. The club offers challenging and fulfilling opportunities to debate and discuss various topics and disciplines.


Entrepreneurship Club
The club offers a learning-by-doing environment where students can enhance their entrepreneurship skills by developing their own business and start-up projects.


Music Club
The music club promotes creativity and talent amongst students by organizing shows, and performances. IUK offers practice spaces and instruments to work together and discuss music.


Computing Club
The club brings together students from various backgrounds and interests to share their research and studies, organize events and workshops.


Volunteering Club
The volunteering club in IUK is a great opportunity for students to cultivate their social skills and provide help in various volunteering fields.


Engineering Club
The club seeks to encourage the students to engage with the engineering industry by promoting student interaction with leaders in the engineering field both on and off campus, The club aims to provide students with opportunities to connect with engineering as a career.


Math & Science Club
The computing club at IUK brings together students from various backgrounds that are Math and Science enthusiasts in IUK and the community. They can talk about math and science, design different initiatives, solve puzzles, help others with homework and competitions.


Language Club
The IUK language club provides rich opportunities for the students to enhance their skills in multiple languages, as well as creating a diverse community where they can grow and develop together.


Photography Club
The club is a platform that brings together like-minded people and share their knowledge about the art and science of Photography. It encourages students to study different parts of the camera and the key to photo taking.